I'm Alex Lockey and I love building things businesses and the tools that power them.I mostly like to work with no-code / low-code tools and passionate business owners.I'm always keen to share ideas so get in touch if you want to find out more.


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I discovered the no-code world after spending years in the recruitment industry working with bloated and over priced rectech. I was also frustrated buying Wordpress sites that needed continuous developer support.In 2022, I rebuilt one of my recruitment business on a no-code tech stack.I use Airtable to power my CRM and ATS, with Webflow as a front-end website and job board. This cost me £0 to set up and around £100/month to maintain.Airtable liked it so much they featured our project on their blog
How High-Growth Companies use Airtable as a CRM

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I’ve spent years toiling and grafting to build businesses, both my own and on behalf of others until I discovered how to work on my business rather than in it. My background in various industries and as an in­-the-­trenches salesperson led me to the produce the formulas which have gained some success. I believe any business can use my tried and tested approach to connect better with their customers and enable the business owner to live the life they want to.I like to help others achieve the same.


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